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What is GASTROclear?

GASTROclear™ is the first approved miRNA-based biomarker for early detection of gastric cancer that can be used in conjunction with endoscopy. GASTROclear™ detects all stages of gastric cancer with 81-82 % sensitivity and 88-90 % specificity verified in an asymptomatic average-risk population.​ It is now offered in Dr Tan's clinic!

How does GASTROclear™ help detect patients with
Gastric Cancer? 

  • It helps to screen and identify patients at higher risks for gastric cancer.

  • It is a minimally invasive option for high-risk patients who are not keen on fist – line endoscopic screening.

  • It is an easier way to monitor patients with intestinal metaplasia or gastritis or between endoscopies.

What is microRNA or miRNA?

microRNA or miRNAs are biological molecules that have important regulatory factors in normal human cells. However, because they are important for normal functioning of the human body, abnormalities affecting the quantities of miRNAs in the body can lead to many diseases such as cancer.

GASTROclearis the world's first approved microRNA
blood test for early detection of gastric cancer.

Get your GASTROclear test done early with Dr Tan!

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As an In vitro diagnostic test, GASTROclear™ is intended for adults of either sex, 40 years or older at average risk of having gastric cancer with anyone of the following risk factors:

Medical history


Lifestyle Habits

Image by Armando Ascorve Morales
  • Diets containing large amounts of fried food, smoked foods, salted fish, processed meat, and pickled foods

  • Diet low in fruits and vegetables

  • Smoking

Who should be tested for GASTROclear?

To know more about GASTROclear™,
request for an appointment with Dr Tan today!

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